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siriusbewitched's Journal

I live in Wisconsin now but I am not originally from here. This is just where our feet landed when my husband and I got out of the Navy (there are only so many Nuclear Power Plants in the States and you go where the jobs are). I was born in a non-existant place in Indiana (it was an Air Force base that has vanished off the face of the earth as far as I know). Obviously I was an Air Force brat so I never really settled anywhere until I moved to Wisconsin. Actually, the longest I lived anywhere was the 5 years I did on Guam when I was 10-15. I went to 7 different High Schools alone and somehow managed to graduate from one of them and get a diploma (I had only been in that one for 3 months). I immediately joined the Navy out of High School and served 4 years in San Diego (so exciting - I only saw the ships from the pier). I met my husband while in the Navy and prety much had my first kid right off the bat. My son is 20 now and just recently moved out of the house. You know, I thought I would have a harder time with my baby moving away from me than I ended up having. Hmmmm?! Does that make me a bad mom?
Anyways, like I said, we moved to Wisconsin when that one was just 4 and have been here for what seems like an eternity (maybe it is just the air up here). I had my second child when the first was 14. Yes, I KNOW! You would think I would have had an instant babysitter there but remember that the first one was a teenage BOY. My daughter was actually a little afraid of her brother for the first few years. She is 5 now. She had it a litle tough at first anyways because her brother played hockey (he was a goalie) and we traveled CONSTANTLY! I think she probably thought that her winter coat was a permanent part of her body as we were in ice arenas so much. One good thing that came out of the hockey days with her (other than the fact that she is more interested in hockey than she is in figure skating - THANK GOD!!) is that she doesn't have a problem with loud noises. She is used to loud crowds and pucks beings smacked against the boards and the glass that she really isn't phased by noises. Yeah, I have dreams of my little girl playing someday but daddy won't let her strap on the skates. He says NO MORE HOCKEY! (asshole). Sorry.
Hmmm, my interests? I am a pretty freakin' boring person really. I stopped working to raise my daughter so I stay at home and I am getting a bit tired of it after 6 years of it. I had brain surgery 3 years ago and suffer from headaches almost every day now so that sucks. I built my little world around my kids (well, the 20 year old kind of extracted himself from that and has his own life going on now.lol). I obviously LOVE hockey (Go Red Wings!). I have been going through hockey withdrawal since my son stopped playing but I watch it on tv and I go watch the Jr. A team we have in Green Bay. That is almost enough. I do digital scrapbooking and regular scrapbooking (but I have gotten away from that because I am getting more into the digital stuff). I am BIG into pictures! I kind of suck at photography but I try.
Well, I told you all I was boring! That's about it!
digital & conventional scrapbooking, love gary oldman's movies, my chemical romance addict